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Restaurant Salzhaus is located in the pedestrianised historic old town of Solothurn. Parking is available in several multi-storey car parks located nearby.



Parkhaus Bieltor: Amthausplatz 2, Solothurn 
GPS coordinates: 47°12'33.0"N, 7°32'03.4"O     47.209169°N, 7.534285°O


Parkhaus Baseltor: Pisoniplatz, Solothurn (GPS entry: Pisoniplatz 2)
GPS coordinates: 47°12'31.9"N, 7°32'24.2"O     47.208872°N, 7.540070°O


Parkhaus Berntor: Dornacherplatz, Solothurn (GPS entry: Dornacherplatz 7)
GPS coordinates: 47°12'16.2"N, 7°32'16.4"O     47.204512°N, 7.537893°O

SALZHAUS Restaurant Bar

Landhausquai 15a
4500 Solothurn

+41 32 622 01 01

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